A Beginner’s Guide to Lake Ice Fishing

If you are used to the entire idea of open lake fishing, you might find the idea of ice fishing a bit strange. Ice fishing is, in no way, odd; it might even be your next hobby, especially during seasons whereby there is small number of fishing that can be done due to the weather condition.

Ice fishing is enjoyable as you have less stress when compared to the open lake fishing that might involve you getting on a boat. In this circumstance, you get to set your bait below the depth of ice-covered surface and get quite several catches.

You have nothing to worry about if you are new to this form of ice hunting, as we have put together valuable tips that can get a beginner started. Let’s dive down.

Get the necessary regulation

In many parts of the country, some regulations prohibit this form of fishing. You might need to get the proper license to allow you to have your adventure of hunting beneath the ice. Depending on where you are and the local regulation in such areas, you might require a permit before you get started.

Have the right gear

If you are cleared with the necessary license, your next stop should be getting the right equipment. The gear required for the ice is often similar to that of open fishing, except for a few changes and modifications to withstand the extra strain from fishing in the ice.

You might also need to get extra accessories that might be required to support you while at the site, for example, the ice scooper and ice auger.

Get adequate shelter or clothing

The drop in temperature can have many effects, and you need to be prepared for it. You should pull up insulated and warm clothing, and they should be thick enough to protect you from the cold breeze. Clothes should also include pairs of gloves and waterproof boots that can withstand the pressure of the ice. You can also include accessories like scarves, mufflers, etc.

As part of your gear, you should go along with warm or hot drinks to keep you in shape while you wait in the cold breeze. You can also bring along a camping chair or make-shift shelter if you stay for a more extended period.

Drill the hole

Compared to the open lake setting, you will need to make a hole in the ice to allow your line to get to the fishes below. You can use a simple hand-held crank ice drill to make a hole in the ice. There are also other drill forms like the gas-powered drill that make big holes at an incredible speed.

Make your first catch

After all of these must have been done, it is time for you to go for your first catch. You should drop your well-baited hook down into the water, and you might want to get longer lines that can get close to the bottom of the water where the fishes are more likely to be.


Ice fishing can be a lot of fun when you have the right gear and are well dressed to weather the ice. You do not have to wait till the summer before casting a line.