When I think of binoculars, I think of the fun things we can do with them. I like to take mine to a football game, out for a hike, to the theater, and so on. Binoculars have been around a long time. I recently read about how a pair could possibly have saved the Titanic in 1912!  It has been reported that the crew looked for a pair of binoculars in the Captain’s quarters, but they were unable to find a pair.  According to a survivor’s testimony, the Titanic crew could have spotted the iceberg earlier, in time to change the ship’s course. That is if (a big IF) they had found a set of binoculars in their search of the ship. While most of us do not have such dramatic stories about using binoculars, many of us enjoy taking them to sports events, the theater, out for a hike, and so on. On this site you can find high powered opera glasses, as well as some moderately priced models. They can be used to enhance star gazing. I still remember a lecture I heard while at a Boy Scout camp, which was about how to find the North Star, and how to recognize some of the constellations. Binoculars greatly enhance your enjoyment of outdoor sports, camping, bird watching, and so on. These models are designed to make it easy to carry and to focus quickly. If you are in the market for a good pair of field glasses, you really owe it to yourself to do some careful research to get the performance you want, while staying within your budget. Just like anything else on the market, a quality pair of binoculars will give you much clearer images than a pair you may find at a discount store. Technology has improved in recent years, and field glasses have greatly improved in quality.