Five Engaging Outdoor Sports for Kids

Have you been looking for new outdoor games your kids can try out to avoid getting bored?

Childhood is a fleeting yet precious moment in life; thus, your kids must have an enjoyable and memorable time during their childhood. This is why we decided to relieve you of your worries and search for enjoyable outdoor sports your kids can engage in.

Below, we have identified and discussed five interesting Outdoor Sports your kids need to engage in their childhood years.

  1. Backyard Game

The backyard has always been a comfortable place for kids to play outside the house for several decades. As a parent, you can talk with your kids and tell them about some of the classic games you played in your backyard during your childhood days. Examples of such classic games you can share with them include hide and seek and red rover.

By sharing these outdoor sporting ideas, there is a likelihood that they will tweak these ideas and spice them up with modern ideas.

  1. Relay Races

Outdoor sports like relay races are very engaging sports that kids can practice within their streets. Relay races often involve many participants, giving kids room to run and know what it feels like to win or lose a relay race.

A relay race is a sporting activity that will immerse and make them conscious of teamwork’s importance.

  1. Cycling

Asides from being a means of transportation, cycling is another enjoyable outdoor sport for kids. Cycling helps develop the motor skills of kids, improve their posture and their mental fitness.

  1. Playing football / soccer games

It is well regarded as the most common sport in the world. Soccer is an entertaining game that requires so much energy, dedication, and strength from team players. Are you looking for an outdoor sport that can keep your kids busy for an extended period? Then, soccer is the best sporting activity for that purpose. By playing soccer, kids can develop throwing skills, excellent dribbling skills, unique goal-scoring techniques, and improve the way they playset pieces like free kicks and corner kicks.

  1. Play Balloon Volleyball

Balloon volleyball is an activity that captures the attention of many kids as it requires them to shoot the ball over the rope with their fists and jump around to punch the ball back to their opponent’s area.

To engage in this sport, you will need to have a yard which will have to be divided into two with a rope or net. After doing this, the kids can divide themselves into two teams, each on a separate part of the yard.


Lovely memories in childhood are often made while engaging in sporting activities. Having identified these top 5 enjoyable outdoor sports for your kids, you can rest assured that your kids will always find the sports mentioned above appealing and entertaining during their free time after school and summer breaks.

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