Five Top Fishing Spots in The World

For fishing lovers, you can understand the excitement that comes with the adventure of going out to catch fish. For some people, it comes with a lot of experience; you get to explore different parts of the country and travel to other parts of the world.

This recreation can be an excellent way to enjoy your vacation with friends and families and create lasting memories. The good part about the adventure is that there are uncountable fishing spots around the world, and with this, you can never get bored or tired of the adventure.

In this post, we will talk about some of the top fishing spots in the world. Here are reasons why you should check out other spots around the world.

More species to see

If you have been fishing in your local area, there are chances you will not come across a large number of different species. Different water bodies worldwide hold many other species, and you can only see them by traveling to other fascinating spots.

Vacation moments

Are you planning how to spend your next vacation with friends and families? Fishing might be just the perfect fun moment you are looking forward to. To even add to the fun of the adventure, you should visit some of the world-famous spots.

Top Fishing spots

Here are five of the world-famous spots we have curated for your next adventure.

  1. Lizard Island, Australia

This is one of the most popular sites among other spots, and it is open to all tourists from different parts of the world. The best time of fishing at the Lizard Island is the period of September to December. Lizard Island is more popular due to the ease of accessibility, and the Island is connected to all the airports in Australia.

The Lizard Island is famously known for the Black Marlin fish species found there; it also has a beautiful view with many luxurious resorts making it a perfect spot to visit.

  1. Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

This Island is mainly known for its surf fishing. If you have been looking for a different way of fishing, this spot is the best place for you. It also homes one of the rarest forms of fish; the Red Drum. You are required to have a North Carolina Recreational License to enjoy this fantastic experience.

  1. Iztapa, Guatemala

This fishing spot is found on the Pacific Coast and the best time to be here is between November and May. You can be lucky to find the Pacific Sailfish or the yellow finfish. Iztapa is very cultural, and you will enjoy every moment there.

  1. East Cape-Baja, Mexico

The East Cape-Baja is famous for its different species and will be an exciting spot to visit. Common types found there include Wahoo, Dorado, and Roosters. The peak time for fishing here is from May to November.

  1. Kona, Hawaii

Summer is an excellent time to spend in Hawaii; it has a cool spot at Kona that is acclaimed to be the capital of sports fishing. The sea has a beautiful view and holds a wide variety of species making it a fantastic destination.


The five top fishing spots listed here are some of the finest places you might want to go for your next adventure. Get your fishing gear and go on a ride.