How to Choose a Camping Location

When you’re planning a camping trip, you have to choose a suitable location. However, this isn’t a decision you take lightly. There are certain factors you have to consider before settling on a suitable camping location.

We’ll explore five of them, and when you’re done reading through, we’re certain you’ll find it easier to choose a location.

  1. Permit Requirements

Some camping sites require permits before you can set up your tent or park your caravan. At times, you may need to wait for about ninety days before you can get approval. That’s a long time, especially if your camping trip is sudden.

Now, if the location you have your sights on requires a permit, it’s best to look for another one. Alternatively, you may choose to camp in an unconditioned area instead. The edge of the woods is suitable for this.

  1. Camping Gear

You also need to consider your camping gear. Some areas are better suited for more complicated camping gear, and if you don’t own any of that, you may find yourself largely uncomfortable on your outdoor trip.

Some caravan parks are especially for caravans, which means that you won’t be able to set up your tent in any of these locations if you don’t own a caravan.

  1. Proximity to Your Home

If you are hiking to your camping site, you also have to consider the location’s proximity to your home. But, of course, you may intentionally decide to go on a long hiking and camping trip, and that’s a different matter entirely.

However, if you own a caravan or an RV, you won’t have difficulty driving to a far camping site. Alternatively, you can take your vehicle too; you’ll have to find a place to park outside your camping site.

  1. Safety

Now, this is a very important factor to consider. People don’t always camp in regulated areas because they crave freedom. That’s an excellent choice; however, you have to consider your safety when choosing a camping site.

If you’ll be camping in the woods, it’s best to avoid going too deep into it, as you may encounter wild animals. But, on the other hand, you also have to consider how easy it’ll be to find you if any emergency arises.

There are also chances of losing your way. Additionally, it’s not always safe to wander to a deserted place alone. So, if you’ll be going camping alone, it’s best to stay in populated camping sites or close to the woods’ entrance.

  1. Amenities

People enjoy comfort, even on camping trips. If you’re one of such people, then you’ll likely prefer a camping site that offers basic amenities like electricity supply, access to a bathroom, and good toilets.

Alternatively, some people are fine without access to these amenities, and if you’re one of them, then you’ll find camping in the woods suitable.


When you decide to take a camping trip, one of the first few factors you’ll need to consider is a suitable location. Now, how do you choose a place? Well, we’ve explored some of the decisive factors in this article.