Mastering The Art of Hunting with A Bow

The two common weapons used when it comes to hunting are the bow and arrow and gun. These weapons are usually in favor of hunters because they are more regularized for hunting and easy to use. It is common to see many people going in favor of the bow as this allows them to have a lot more flexibility and ability to fire multiple shots simultaneously.

There are different types, and each comes in various specifications and uniqueness. The bow’s range of choice allows you to make more flexible decisions when you need to get one. You must get familiar with the type you want to use when hunting and ensure it is a great fit.

Here are some valuable tips that can help you select the best bow and master the art of using one.

Selecting your first bow

This is the first step in learning the ropes of how to shoot an arrow. There are several bows of different grades and quality, and getting one is often dependent on how much you can spend. For starters, you should go for low-end till you get training right. You do not want to spend a fortune on what you can’t handle well or get damaged due to misuse.

Your local archery store can help you make the best selection, and they can also assist in teaching you how to use one. The best way to get the right bow is by getting measured, your draw length can be measured, and it will help select the best bow for your draw strength.

Getting your arrows and other accessories

In addition, you also need to get some accessories to go along with it. One of the most important is the arrow; you need arrows to fire on your new bow. Arrows come in different weights and sizes, and you should go for the one compatible with your draw weight and length.

Some other accessories are necessary to improve your hunting game; a few others might be optional or not necessary. For example, an arrow rest is an essential accessory, other optional accessories like a stabilizer or a wrist sling.

Shooting a bow

Shooting a bow does not come easily; it requires years of practice and dedication. Although shooting a bow is a continuous process, specific tips are the foundation for a good shot. Some of them are;

  1. Stance. Your stance is vital to a good shot. Keep your feet shoulder wide apart when standing and face the target at a 90-degrees angle.
  1. Grip. Before shooting, your hand should be supporting the bow while gripping it loosely. Your hand and wrist should be in a relaxed form; you should have just enough hand contact with the bow to hold it up and not to add pressure to the grip.
  1. Draw. Your grip hand should be pushed towards the target while your release hand pulls the string back across your chest. Your back muscle gets engaged while drawing the bow in the correct position.
  1. Release. You should maintain your stance while getting ready to release the arrow. Slowly squeeze the trigger with the target in sight until the string is released.


These form some of the fundamentals of mastering the art of using a bow. It would be best if you got enough practice and consistency before going out to hunt with it.