I camp too take advantage of  being surrounded by nature.  That being said, I do not care to share my life’s blood with mosquitoes or ticks.  Plus it goes without saying that I do not want to try to sleep in the rain or snow.  Yes I have camped in the winter.  The answer to this  situation is to insure that you have a tent  with you when you are embracing the wild for an extended  time.  Now I have slept in the wild in a number of tents that I would not recommend. I have gone to sleep and woke up to a soaked sleeping bag, and no hope of being dry for the remainder of the camping trip.  I had to break camp and go to town and find a laundry mat with a dryer that would accommodate a very wet adult sleeping bag.  I have also been invaded by every kind of biting, blood sucking, repulsive bug you can imagine.  These experiences have taught me what I look for in a tent.

The tent I am presenting in this blog meets just about all the requirements that  I can imagine.  The Green Mountain Tent meets all of my needs.  This Tent has a water proof floor, as well all the rest of the tent.  This tent is designed to go up easy, and obviously come down in the same fashion.  The dimensions are 9.5 W by 9.5 H by 26 d.  It affords all this room with a weight of 22.26 lb.

This tent accommodates 4 person and their gear very well.   This tool will keep it’s inhabitants dry, warm, and bug free.  I good weather this tent has screened windows and a door that will let nature in to let you enjoy the aroma of the wild flowers.  As well as the warm air carrying those delightful scents to your waiting nostrils.  On the other hand when weather is not so accommodating the windows  and door can be battened down to keep the weather out.  This tent will meet your camping  expectations .