Tips to Make Your Outdoor Apparel Last Longer

Buying outdoor apparel can cost you a pretty penny, especially when you’re buying them brand new. Of course, you’ll be wearing them for rigorous activities, and that may expose them to sweat, harsh weather, stains, rips, and some other unfavorable conditions that may reduce their lifespan.

However, there are several ways you can care for your outdoor apparel and prolong its lifespan. In this blog post, we’ll equip you with five tips you can use to make your outdoor apparel last longer. Enjoy!

  1. Clean Them Properly

If you want your outdoor gear to last longer, you have to clean them after each use. It’s not enough to merely clean them; you also have to ensure that the method you opt for is suitable for that apparel.

For instance, certain outdoor apparel needs to be hand-washed, and if you use a washing machine for this feat, you may be damaging the gear. So, always check the instructions on the label before you dump it with your next load of laundry.

  1. Dry Them Appropriately

You may also be unable to put some of your outdoor gear in a dryer. Some are better off being dried by the sun, and you need to find out the specific instructions for what you intend to dry.

  1. Store Them in a Dry Place

Damp conditions sometimes tend to destroy some outfits. That also extends to outdoor gear.

Your outdoor boots, for instance, need to be cleaned properly and then kept in a dry place. The same goes for your sleeping bag; once you’ve cleaned it appropriately, store it in a dry place to prevent moss and other organisms that thrive in moist environments from growing on it.

  1. Mend Rips

We all know that a stitch in time saves nine. However, we don’t always apply that principle. If you notice a rip in outdoor gear like your jacket, sleeping bag, camping tent, and any other thing that can be ripped, then it’s best to sew it at your next convenience. That way, you prevent further rips.

  1. Reserve Them for Outdoor Use Only

Outdoor apparel is pretty susceptible to wear and tear. Regular use will eventually cause them to fall apart.

As such, it’s best to save your outdoor apparel for only outdoor activities. However, we can use some of these gears for both every day and outdoor activities, which may tempt us to use them for both.

However, there are some differences between both categories, and the more obvious ones are the differences in cost. So, if you want to prevent the regular purchase of outdoor apparel, it’s best to reserve them for only outdoor activities.


It can be a financial burden to buy outdoor apparel regularly. Some of them are quite expensive, and although they’re mostly built to last, regular use can damage them much faster.

If your outdoor gear is not taken care of properly, it won’t serve you as long as it should. However, you can use the tips we’ve provided to extend the lifespan.