Top Deer Hunting Tips

Whether you are new to the game of hunting or an expert, you will realize that the deer is famously one of the most widely hunted animals. There are many reasons why this is so; it is often used as a prized possession and trophy.

However, the deer itself is not such an easy animal to hunt as it is almost as fast as the speed of light, and you can quickly lose sight of it. The deer might be a bit difficult to track; most of these reasons are why it remains a prized possession to most hunters.

Although no one can guarantee that you will kill a deer on your first hunt, we have some great tips to improve your chances of getting one on your next trip, either as a beginner or an expert.

Select the best location

This tip is one of the most important, and you are less likely to come across deer in some regions. This is why you must select the best location where there are higher chances of coming across one. You can scout your potential areas before going out for hunting; this will help you pick places with a larger population of deer.

Animals leave trails or have familiar habits; you can use this in judging if there is a deer present in the area you plan to choose.

Hunt when the deer are active

This may sound like straightforward advice, but it is particularly vital. If you want to score a higher chance of taking a deer back home, you need to operate during their active period. There are two times in a day when they are most active, either when they are about setting out early at dawn or when the night is drawing, and they make their way back to their place of rest.

To make this method more effective, it is recommended that you get to your hunting spot before they are active; this will give you a lot of vantage positions and adequate time to prepare.

Use the wind to your advantage

The deer is an animal with a high sense of smell, and they possess millions of scent receptors. This allows them to perceive your scent while you are still far away from them. Once a deer sniffs you out, the party is over before it has even started.

You can make use of odor concealer creams or store your hunting clothes between leaves you have gotten from the wild. But you should also take the wind to your advantage; you should move in patterns that do not allow the wind to carry your scent, which will get you closer.

Wear clothes that blend with the environment

It would be best if you always went for clothes that can serve as camouflage. These clothes should help you blend in into the forest environment and prevent the deer from making you out.  Having camouflages reduces the defense mechanism of the deer and gets you into more vantage positions.


We are excited to share these deer hunting tips with you, and we hope to read your adventures with deer as you set out.