Types of Camping Trips

Camping is a fantastic way to get attuned to nature. It’s also a welcome change from your usual environment and activities.

If you love adventures, you can live your fantasies on camping trips because you can explore so many places. In addition, there are several types of camping trips, which means you have various options.

In this blog post, we’ll make the process of choosing a camping trip easier for you by bringing five different options to your fingertips. Dive in!

  1. Tent Camping

Tent camping is the camping everyone knows. It essentially entails choosing a suitable campsite and setting up your tent. It’s pretty straightforward, and you can choose a nearby or far location.

Some of the places you can decide to camp include the beach, the woods, a camping park, or a camping resort. While choosing a camping site, you’ll have to consider how safe it is; for instance, you don’t want a site far into the woods and easily accessible by wild animals.

It’s also best to avoid pitching your tent in cavities or pits, especially during the rainy season.

  1. Canoe Camping

Now, this is an entirely different camping option. Instead of an actual tent, your canoe is your tent. It’s an excellent choice if you intend to explore new areas. You’ll be traveling to different locations by canoe, and that’s where you’ll sleep too.

However, this type of camping trip is best during the summer. That way, you’ll not run into difficulties finding shelter if it suddenly decides to rain.

It’s also best to avoid going on these camping trips alone for your safety.

  1. Caravan and RV Camping

Here’s another common camping type. However, you’ll be camping in a caravan. It’s much safer than using a tent, and it’s more comfortable too.

It’s just like living in your home, but you’ll be in nature. Typically, caravan and RV camping are done in camping parks, and you may need a special license to park yours there.

Alternatively, you can decide to travel to various parts of your country in your RV or caravan. It also counts as camping, and this way, you’ll get to explore new places in comfort.

  1. Survivalist Camping

Survivalist camping is an extreme form of camping, and we don’t recommend it to beginners. It entails testing your survival skills.

It can be base camp or walk-out survival camping. The former entails pitching a tent in the middle of nowhere and surviving on your own. You won’t take any food with you, which means you’ll have to go fishing or hunting for your food.

On the other hand, walk-out survival camping entails being left in the middle of nowhere. You’ll be expected to use your camping skills to hunt for food and subsequently find your way back to civilization.

  1. Hiking or Backpacking

You can also decide to hike to a distant location. You’ll take breaks along the way, and you’ll also set up camp at strategic locations.

When planning a hiking or backpacking trip, it’s best to alert someone of your destination and all the places you intend to spend the night if you’re going alone.


Exploring all the camping options can be exciting. However, it’s best to skip the extreme ones until you become an experienced camper who can survive on mere instinct.

It’s also best to go in groups or alert someone of your destination and stop-points.