About Us

Welcome to Shop Outdoor Life

My name is Charles Daniels, I was born and raised in Northern California. I have decided to start this online company with my family because we have always been in love with Camping, Hunting, Fishing, and anything that involves the Outdoors.

Our goal is to share our experience at locations with equipment and products that we use. That way, you as a consumer can choose easily if you would also like to try these locations and products.

With the Pandemic hitting so hard we see NOW as a great time and opportunity to get out and about outdoors, live the life you should be living enjoying Nature and activities. Not stuck indoors doing the same thing over and over. Go for a hike. Set a tent, gaze at the stars. Rent an RV and connect back with nature and outdoor life.

This is our love of life, so please join the movement on this new adventure…..  And follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Thank you

Charles Daniels and Family